Tag: fetish

  • pee compilation

    pee compilation

    13 mins • custom pee compilation videooooo watch me pee everywhere! on the floor, in the sink, in a jar, in the tub, multiple scenes for each location plus tons of super close up shots including one with a teeny tiny camera that gets sooo close to my pee hole!

  • teeth wedgies

    teeth wedgies

    11 mins • custom wedgies! compilation style with multiple scenes and outfits. I crawl under my bed and get stuck! I call out for help and Em comes over and pantses me! I squirm and squeal as Em grabs my panties between their teeth and yanks them hard. I struggle but Em keeps giving me…

  • sneaker joi edging challenge

    sneaker joi edging challenge

    28 mins • your fav sneaker girl is back with an intense joi edging challenge! 5 rounds, each with its own theme, loaded with dirty talk and jerk off instructions. let the world melt away and focus only on me and my sneakers. I switch back and forth between my white platform converse and my…

  • wetting my leggings and panties

    wetting my leggings and panties

    3 mins • this video is part of a panty order bundle – check out the squeezy shop to get your own! I stand in the shower, wiggling around talking about how bad I need to pee, you can see the reaction on my face when I start wetting my leggings. I get completely soaked…

  • blowing up inflatable dice

    blowing up inflatable dice

    ♡ blowing up inflatable dice ♡ 7 mins • abby’s first inflatables fetish videoooooo – watch me blow up 2 inflatable pink dice and play with them. with a little bit of chatting about the dice and how i feel blowing them up. lots of cute giggles when i get a little light headed lmao

  • spreading for my uncle

    spreading for my uncle

    ♡ spreading for my uncle ♡ 10 mins • my parents are out of town so i’m staying with my uncle for the weekend. I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to spend some alone time with you. I know you’re my uncle, but I’m not a little girl anymore. I wanna show you how grown…

  • christian corruption

    christian corruption

    ♡ christian corruption ♡ 18 mins • dear god, I’ve been such a good girl, but lately I’ve been having some impure thoughts. it just seems like everyone else is having more fun than me, I just wish you would tell me what to do. I pray every day and never hear anything back. I…

  • punished for peeing

    punished for peeing

    ♡ punished for peeing ♡ 25 mins • in this intense custom video, I’m trying on outfits getting ready to go out with my boyfriend. first I try on a little mini skirt but he says it’s too short so I have to change. I have to pee so bad but I need to find…

  • squeaky ducky

    squeaky ducky

    ♡ squeaky ducky ♡16 mins • my first squeaky toy fetish video! I love my squeaky rubber ducky and I wanna show you why. watch me hump, bounce, and grind on it while it squeaks. riding on my ducky with my titties out turns me on so much, I can’t help but moan and giggle…

  • bratty sneaker fetish joi

    bratty sneaker fetish joi

    ♡ bratty sneaker fetish joi ♡ 24 mins • my 8th sneaker fetish video! in this detailed custom, I start off my teasing you with my old dirty white converse platform sneakers, showing you close ups of all the dirt and scuffs. I know how much you like them but I don’t really care about…