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  • romantic gfe

    romantic gfe

    5 mins • short but extra sweet! this mini custom features me totally nude wiggling around in bed, showing off my curves and butt with quick peeks at my pussy from behind. with romantic gfe dirty talk I tell you how I want you to touch me, feel me, taste me, turn me on and…

  • distracting you – mouth fetish blowjob

    distracting you – mouth fetish blowjob

    19 mins • you’re so busy working but I want your attention. I beg you to come relax with me but you tell me to wait so I pout for a while then decide to tease you until you give in. I strip off my sweater and slip out of my skirt, wiggling my booty…

  • ghost girlfriend

    ghost girlfriend

    15 mins • boo! it’s me, your ghost girlfriend, here to suck your soul out of your body. watch me tease you with my ass and pussy until you’re completely under my control. some very light dommey dialogue will have you at my mercy. you can’t resist my lips wrapped around your cock and my…