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  • graduation night

    graduation night

    18 mins • reminiscing with daddy about the past, present, and future of my sexual exploits while giving a blowjob and riding with a creampie finish — I just got home from my graduation after-party and I lay down on daddy’s lap, exhausted and sore. I tell you how slutty I was, how everyone wanted…

  • cucked for your birthday

    cucked for your birthday

    23 mins • You’ve been out of town and you come home for your birthday. I tell you how excited I am to see you because I have a birthday surprise for you! Before you left, we talked about exploring your fetish more, your cuckolding fetish. So while you were gone, I invited your best…

  • ok i’m kind of a slut

    ok i’m kind of a slut

    ♡ ok i’m kind of a slut ♡16 mins • POV you’re my new boyfriend and you want to know what kind of sexual experience I have, but you weren’t expecting your new gf to be a total slut. I start off very shy, telling you a few things I’ve done that aren’t that spicy.…