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  • teeth wedgies

    teeth wedgies

    11 mins • custom wedgies! compilation style with multiple scenes and outfits. I crawl under my bed and get stuck! I call out for help and Em comes over and pantses me! I squirm and squeal as Em grabs my panties between their teeth and yanks them hard. I struggle but Em keeps giving me…

  • boygirl wedgie compilation 3

    boygirl wedgie compilation 3

    15 mins • the long awaited sequel is finally here! with more intense wedgies, more squealing, more struggling, and more angles! pov wedgies, jock locks, front wedgies, surprise wedgies, close up wedgies, face focused wedgies, even hanging wedgies!! featuring 6 different outfits! my longest boy/girl wedgie video ever!

  • bdsm wedgies

    bdsm wedgies

    ♡ bdsm wedgies ♡12 mins • my second wedgie video!! this one starts off soft and gets real rough ^~^ first I get leashed; he tugs on it while giving me wedgies with my shorts on, but the shorts come off quickly and he gives me spankings while handcuffing me. more intense wedgies while he…

  • step bro we’re stuck

    step bro we’re stuck

    ♡ step bro, we’re stuck – bgg wedgies ♡12 mins • my first ever B/G/G video!! me and Lily are hanging out on my bed looking at tiktoks when I drop my phone! I crawl under the bed to get it but I can’t reach, so I call Lily to come help me. once she’s…