humiliation challenge

♡ humiliation challenge ♡

32 mins • in this epic femdom custom I offer you a challenge. the rules are simple, each round I’m going to remove one piece of clothing. all you have to do is jerk off the entire time. you’re not allowed to remove your hand from your cock unless you’re performing a humiliation task. if you cum before each round ends, you’ll be punished with an embarrasing chore. the more clothing I take off, the more humiliating the punishment is. before we start, you’ll need to gather some supplies: a pair of your dirty underwear, a permanent marker, and a condom. each punishment is presented at the beginning of the round. there are 7 rounds. the first round is a freebie, you get to relax and enjoy a nice orgasm, BUT I stay fully clothed. you get to jerk off to my clothed body while I encourage you to cum, tease you for having a tiny cock, remind you what a pathetic loser you are, and tell you about all the men who satisfy me like you never could. so if you’re a weak premature ejaculator, get ready for the challenge of your life. non stop dialogue while stripping from a full outfit to full nude. you even get a nice view of my pussy in the last round, but by then your cock will be sore and your balls will be completely drained. and you’ll have to perform the most embarrassing task of all when you inevitably cum. good luck, cuck!