still a virgin

♡ still a virgin ♡
21 mins • it’s so important to me that I stay a virgin, I want to be pure. but when we fool around and do other stuff, it makes me feel so good and so close to you. I want more of that feeling, but I’m not sure what else we can do. we’ve already tried blowjobs and eating my pussy – and I love the way that feels, but what I really want is to feel you inside me. what should we do? — you wanna try anal? isn’t that like, more than sex? I guess it makes sense, I get to feel you inside me but still keep my true virginity intact. okay, I guess we can try it but you gotta take it really slow for me. start by fingering me like you always do and then try sliding your finger in my asshole, but only one finger! that felt so nice but so tight! I think I need something else before you try it with your cock. maybe we could use this glass toy, it seems big tho… the glass toys feels amazing! I feel closer to you than ever, I think I’m ready to feel you inside me now. my asshole is sooo tight, your cock barely fits but I manage to squeeze it inside my ass. once it’s in, I get so carried away, I start riding on your cock and telling you how slutty I feel. your girlfriend isn’t as pure as you thought she was…