doctor’s appointment

♡ doctor’s appointment ♡
13 mins • I went in to my doctor’s office for a checkup and we decided to start with a pelvic exam, I’m always so nervous seeing a doctor but I lay back and try to relax as he uses his gloved hands to explore my vagina. he starts with spreading and then slowly inserts one finger. he gradually increases the speed with which he’s inserting his fingers into me and gapes my pussy, spreading me wide open. I start to moan a bit but try to hold back so he doesn’t think I’m a weirdo. eventually, the pleasure becomes so intense that I can’t stop myself from moaning as he’s fingering me. the doctor tells me he wants to run some more tests, I’m worried because that doesn’t sound like a good sign but I tell him to do whatever he needs to do. I lay back and he pulls out his hard cock and starts fucking me! is this a normal test? maybe he wants to see how well my pussy is responding to stimulation. he keeps fucking me harder and faster and I can’t help myself so I start rubbing my clit. it feels so good, I cum on his cock and he pulls out and cums all over my pussy. he says everything looks good and I ask him when I need to come back for my next checkup…

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