impregnating your best friend

♡ impregnating your best friend ♡
14 mins • we’ve been best friends forever and I have something to tell you. I want to get pregnant. I’ve been looking into it, I went to the sperm bank and they gave me this big folder full of men I could choose from, but I just kept thinking about you! I know it might be kinda awkward because we’ve known each other for so long, but if you’re okay with it, I’d like you to get me pregnant. You could just cum in a cup if you want to – or we could do it the old fashioned way… maybe we could just take it slow and start with a blowjob? ♡ starts with a blowjob and some cute bestie dialogue until I take off my shorts and as you to fuck me. I use my fuck machine doggy style riding on it at first and then letting you take the lead. I get so into it, I just lay down and moan, rubbing my pussy until I cum on your cock and you cum inside me at the same time. I pull you out of me to show off the huge creampie dripping out of me, and then put it back in for a few more intense strokes. ♡ super cute gfe vibes, really intimate sex scene, lots of shy giggling and blushing as my bestie fucks me for the first time.