your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you

18 mins • I pick up the phone, excited to hear from my best friend, but you tell me you got in a fight with your gf AGAIN. she’s always picking fights with you and trying to control your whole life. I invite you over to help take your mind off things when you reveal that your gf doesn’t want you hanging out with me anymore. she’s so jealous it’s annoying. obviously, you’re still going to hang out with your best friend. we usually play video games but she doesn’t want you doing that either so we decide to watch a movie. I get cold and ask you to snuggle with me. I tell you how awful your gf treats you, you should really be with someone who appreciates you. we have so much fun together and I love cuddling and holding hands with you. we could both use some intimacy right now so why don’t we just forget about your gf for tonight. I start stroking your cock and telling you how bad I want you, I’ve always had a thing for you and we can finally be together. I give you an intimate but intense blowjob and then tell you I wanna feel you inside me. we start in missionary, I show off my sweet pussy for you and then take off my panties and stretch out my pussy with your huge cock. I moan like crazy and then get on top to ride you. finishes in missionary with me cumming on your cock. your girlfriend doesn’t make you feel this good, does she?