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  • i thought you were daddy

    i thought you were daddy

    24 mins • custom taboo roleplay! I’m folding laundry when you come up behind me, you run your hands over my body and slide into my panties, fingering me as I softly moan into your ear. I start moaning “yes, daddy” and you stop. I turn around and realize it’s my brother! I thought you…

  • beautiful agony

    beautiful agony

    6 mins • no cuts, no edits. just 6 straight minutes of pleasure. watch me wiggle and squirm, letting out soft moans while I use my vibrator to stimulate myself until I cum with shaking legs.

  • sharing my bed with my brother

    sharing my bed with my brother

    17 mins • you watch me change into my pjs as we get ready for bed. sharing a bed with your little sister makes you a little nervous but a little excited too. we joke about how this sounds like the set up to one of those pornos. as we crawl into bed, I ask…

  • little sister cuddle fuck

    little sister cuddle fuck

    25 mins • your little sister crawls into your bed in the middle of the night. I heart a noise and got scared, can I come cuddle with you? I feel so much safer in here, but I’m having a hard time getting back to rest. I’m restless and I keep wiggling all over the…

  • your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you

    your girlfriend doesn’t deserve you

    18 mins • I pick up the phone, excited to hear from my best friend, but you tell me you got in a fight with your gf AGAIN. she’s always picking fights with you and trying to control your whole life. I invite you over to help take your mind off things when you reveal…