babysitter’s daddy issues

17 mins • I left my phone at your house after my last babysitting shift and when I come back to get it, I realize you’ve looked thru my texts! at first I’m angry because you violated my privacy but then I realize you saw the texts I wrote about you. it’s just a little crush, it doesn’t mean anything! I just have a thing for older guys, can we just forget this ever happened? I’m so embarrassed, I consider quitting but you start to ask me more about it. I reluctantly open up to you, telling you how I never met my dad and I’m just drawn to father figures. I’m so vulnerable but you tell me that you would take care of me and I melt in your arms.
the thought of you being my daddy turns me on so much, I immediately offer to suck your cock, telling you that I’ll do anything you want me to do, I just wanna be a good girl for you. can I call you daddy? I drool and smile while I’m taking your huge cock down my throat, I tell you how wet my cute little panties are and ask you what you want me to do. I take off my panties and rub your cock against my clit, begging you to fuck me. the ddlg dirty talk just spills out of me as you’re stretching out my little pussy. I play with my clit, begging you to let me cum on your cock ♡ this is probably my favorite video I’ve ever made. the dirty talk is intense and unrelenting and my facial expressions will have you edging along with me. a must-have if you like submissive girls and taboo roleplay!