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  • babysitter’s daddy issues

    babysitter’s daddy issues

    17 mins • I left my phone at your house after my last babysitting shift and when I come back to get it, I realize you’ve looked thru my texts! at first I’m angry because you violated my privacy but then I realize you saw the texts I wrote about you. it’s just a little crush,…

  • daddy teaches me about sex

    daddy teaches me about sex

    10 mins • this custom video opens with me in an adorable little outfit, I’m so shy but I tell daddy that I’m curious about sex! I ask you to tell me about it but you say you’ll show me! I get so excited and when I see daddy’s cock, I know I’m gonna have…

  • my uncle takes my virginity

    my uncle takes my virginity

    ♡ my uncle takes my virginity ♡ 19 mins • all my friends have been teasing me about being the only virgin in our friend group. I’ve only kissed one boy and I really want to be more experienced for when I have a boyfriend. I don’t want to be a slut or anything, and…