private session with coach

16 mins • coach wants to have a private session with me to work on my form, i’m so excited! I don’t want my teammates to be jealous of the special attention i’m getting, so I tell coach we should probably keep it a secret. i’m wearing a tight leotard with sheer pink pantyhose underneath. coach reminds me to take my shoes off and wiggle my toes in my nylon pantyhose while I warm up. I do a few stretches, my feet up close to the camera. after my warm up, coach says he has a special outfit to try on. we’re getting team uniforms and I get to be the first to try it out! I’m so excited I squeal with delight!
oblivious to the fact that i’m now wearing a completely sheer nylon catsuit fetish costume, I show off in my new uniform, everything on display! I tell coach how great it feels, I can move around so much easier and it fits like a glove! I do more stretches and poses, arching my back, spreading my toes, and you get a clear view of my pussy in this crotchless body stocking. I notice coach is filming me and get even more excited when I realize we’re filming an audition tape! I’ve always wanted to make one and coach says he’s going to show all his coach friends how good my technique is! I better do my best performance ever to impress all the other coaches. I spread my legs, arch my back, wiggle my hips. coach puts me into all sorts of suggestive positions and I can tell I’m really pleasing him! finally, he tells me there’s one more outfit for me to try on – the captain’s uniform! I can hardly contain myself as I bounce around gleefully. the “uniform” is just beige tape covering my nipples and pussy. I show mild concern but I understand that coach needs to see as much of me as possible to make sure my form is correct and what’s more flexible than no clothing at all? I do a few final poses and request more private sessions in the future!