study my sneakers

17 mins • you’re the nerdy guy from my math class and i’m the popular girl you have a crush on. I invite you over to study for our math exam and explain that even though we have nothing in common, I really need your help to pass this exam. while studying, I’m absentmindedly stroking my sneakers and playing with my shoelaces, I ask you a math question but you can’t even hear me, you’re so mesmerized by my sneakers. I start to tease you with them, and once I have you completely entranced, I explain how I’ve noticed you checking out my sneakers for a long time now and I know you have a thing for them. I invited you over here with the intention of getting you to do my homework for me, but now that I see how much control I have over you, I want more. I instruct you to get your cock out and stroke it to my dirty white converse and telll you how you’re gonna let me cheat off your exam and do my homework for the rest of the semester. I give you an intense sneaker JOI but tell you not to cum until I say so. I take one shoe off, and with a handful of lube, I use the rubber sole and my hand to pleasure your cock. with nonstop dirty talk, I can tell you’re getting close but remind you not to cum yet, I’ve got one more surprise for you. I put my sneaker back on, with more dirty talk as I’m lacing it up, and lay back with your cock between my shoes. the fuck machine pumps your cock between my soles until I turn over and do the same in doggy style. finally, I hold my sneakers under your cock and stroke you while a huge load of cum (lube) drips onto the tops of my shoes, still on my feet. ends with a close up of the mess you’ve made and a reminder that you belong to me.