brother sister bodyswap

17 mins • my first ever bodyswap roleplay! starts off with me on the phone w my bestie, telling her how annoying my brother is being. he thinks it’s so easy being a girl, I bet he wouldn’t last one day in my life! after a dreamy transition scene, I wake up but it’s not me anymore. my brother is in my body! I (as my brother) start freaking out realizing what’s happening but then I start to feel myself all over and I start to get excited. I curiously feel all over my body, squeezing and bouncing my tits and ass. I stick my hand down my sister’s panties and the sensation is overwhelming. I start to rub my new pussy and moan but then I get some ideas. first I grab a pillow and grind on it, I start grabbing at more pillows when I find my sister’s vibrator under one of them. oh my god. I click it on and get so excited when it starts to buzz, and when I touch it to my clit, I melt into a puddle of ecstacy. this is insane, how do girls get anything done? I lay back, pull my tits out and push my panties to the side while I use the vibrator. I feel how wet my pussy is and then start to taste it on my fingers, sticking my fingers inside and then sucking them clean. I finally cum and it’s the most mind bending sensation. right after I cum, my sister calls me, she’s freaking out and I tell her to chill out, it’s not that bad, I’m actually gonna stay like this for a while. I hang up and say to myself that she’s never getting her body back.