25 mins • in this custom audio fantasy, I bring home a bisexual man I met at a bar as a surprise for you! I know you’ve been wanting to try it out for a while and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I encourage and guide you through your first experience with another man and we have a thrilling threesome with several orgasms, lots of kissing, sucking, and fucking! I instruct you through your first time giving a blowjob, me and him both sucking your cock together, me sucking both of your cocks at the same time, him cumming in your mouth while I watch and instruct you. riding you cock while he watches us, guiding you through your first time receiving anal, masturbating and cumming while I watch him fuck you, my first double penetration and double creampie. soft, gentle, and encouraging domme energy with you submitting to him and me begging for more from the both of you. loaded with moaning, kissing, and sucking noises!
written and performed by squeezypeach