little white dress

11 mins • my new little white dress makes me feel so sexy, I can’t help but touch myself all over. I slip off my panties and tease myself with my fingers, moaning and writhing. I’m already so turned on but I want this to last, so I edge myself for as long as I can. I use my vibrator and tease myself, not letting myself get too close. all my favorite things make it even harder to hold back. breath play, pussy slapping, fingering, pulling hard on my nipples and slapping my tits. I shove my fingers down my throat and make myself drool. I spread my pussy lips and turn the vibrator on full blast, putting it directly on my clit for a second at a time, squirming and moaning. when I cum, it takes me by surprise, I was trying not to but I just couldn’t help it. instead of letting myself release, I turn the vibrator on full blast and hold it between my legs until I’m shaking and trembling. the most intense overstimulation I’ve ever experienced. this is my favorite solo masturbation video I’ve ever made!