christian girls make do

23 mins • I’m so excited to meet a like-minded christian friend. you came over for bible study and I lay down, copying scripture into my notebook. I’m completely oblivious that you can see up my skirt the entire time. I choose a verse from proverbs at random and I get so overwhelmed by the words. descriptions of the way god fills me with his love and the feelings of my body… it feels so sensual but I relate to it so fully, I don’t realize I’m being so forward. I talk about how my body tingles when I feel god inside me and how nothing can replicate the satisfaction of god’s love. people who have sex have no idea that this is so much better. once you leave, I realize how aroused I am and I pray to god, asking why he sent you to me and put this verse in front of me. it must be a sign. god and I have a very intimate relationship and it’s not sinful because how could it be? jesus wants to be inside me, how can I deny these feelings? I wonder if god sent this boy to me to be a physical vessel for his love for me. maybe he’s meant to *really* come inside me. the thought overwhelms me and I grab my pillow and grind on it. I moan softly “oh god, oh god” I hump my pillow in several positions and then pull my panties to the side and masturbate with my fingers, telling god how good his love feels inside me, I can feel him filling me up, spreading me open for him to come inside me. I play with my nipples and masturbate furiously, begging god to come inside me, giving my cross a soft kiss after I cum for jesus.