I belong to daddy

16 mins •

you made me ♡ I’m yours ♡ I belong to you ♡

In this adorable ddlg roleplay, daddy walks in on me naked, he watches me for a minute before announcing himself and asks why I’m naked. “didn’t I tell you, dad? I’m a nudist now!” you tell me to cover up but I protest, explaining how free and comfortable I feel, and besides, it’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before. although it has been a while… I wiggle around showing off for you, you keep saying you’re going to leave but you don’t. you stay. I’m surprised when I notice the bulge in your pants. you know it would feel so much better to free yourself of those clothes… you get naked with me a I start to slowly stroke your cock, telling you how nice it is. how good it feels to be naked together, it’s quality daddy daughter time. I start sucking and you finally seem to relax with me. It’s so cool that this cock made me and now I get to suck it. It’s like I was made just for you. you made my hips. my butt. my curves. my tits. you made my mouth. and it’s all yours, daddy. every bit of me belongs to you. because you created me. ends with a messy mouth full of cum.

♡ not available on c4s ♡