i need you, daddy

21 mins • daddy, we need to have a talk. you haven’t been paying enough attention to me. I miss cuddling with you… and the other stuff. I know you’re just trying to do the right thing but I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I want you. I need you. don’t you want me, too? I strip down and play with my pussy to entice daddy. I start begging and pleading with daddy to let me have what I want. daddy can never resist my pouty lip and sad eyes. you give in and I suck your cock, naked and doe eyed. I remind you of our first time together, in great detail describing how badly you wanted me, how you can’t control yourself around me, you just had to know what I felt like. and I want to feel that with you always. nothing else compares to what we have, and no one else’s daughter can make you feel this way. don’t make me beg for it, daddy, just fuck me? I pull my knees up to my chest and clutch my stuffie while daddy slowly pushes into me. I play with my pussy until I cum on daddy’s cock and get a lovely creampie. I’ll always be daddy’s little princess.

this is EXTRA taboo but nothing against ToS. from start to finish, non-stop ddlg dirty talk. I start off seductive and mature but slowly transform into a slutty ddlg princess for daddy.

using the word “cunt” at the request of the custom buyer