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  • gg sneaker fetish

    gg sneaker fetish

    14 mins • we saw you checking us out from across the bar and invite you to come watch us make out. we kiss for a while, showing off for you, before I realize that you’re staring at our sneakers. you’re really into them, aren’t you? why don’t you focus on my sneakers while I…

  • dirty sneaker fetish joi

    dirty sneaker fetish joi

    18 mins • do you wanna see how dirty my white platform converse sneakers have gotten? every scuff, every stain, every scratch… the dirty soles, the worn out logo, the laces… do you wanna feel them against your skin? remember that fresh rubber smell when they came out of the box? that’s gone now and…

  • sneaker joi edging challenge

    sneaker joi edging challenge

    28 mins • your fav sneaker girl is back with an intense joi edging challenge! 5 rounds, each with its own theme, loaded with dirty talk and jerk off instructions. let the world melt away and focus only on me and my sneakers. I switch back and forth between my white platform converse and my…