gg sneaker fetish

14 mins • we saw you checking us out from across the bar and invite you to come watch us make out. we kiss for a while, showing off for you, before I realize that you’re staring at our sneakers. you’re really into them, aren’t you? why don’t you focus on my sneakers while I focus on Madi? I eat her pussy while you stare, then she eats me out, we wiggle our sneakers at you while we taste each other. we push our dirty white sneakers in your face and tell you to get your cock out and stroke it for us. we rub each other and tell you all about our dirty shoes while giving you close ups of the scuffs and dirt on them. now it’s our turn to play with your cock, we get it nice and wet with tons of lube and give you a double sneaker job, stroking your cock with our soles. we start begging for you to cum on our shoes, moaning and teasing until you blow your load all over our sneakers. featuring the adorable @madisynwood