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  • pee compilation

    pee compilation

    13 mins • custom pee compilation videooooo watch me pee everywhere! on the floor, in the sink, in a jar, in the tub, multiple scenes for each location plus tons of super close up shots including one with a teeny tiny camera that gets sooo close to my pee hole!

  • show and tell

    show and tell

    12 mins • it’s show and tell day and I was told to bring my favorite thing to play with. I knew immediately what I would choose! it’s so cute and squishy, warm and soft, there’s so many different parts to explore and different ways to play with it! and best of all, it feels…

  • wetting my leggings and panties

    wetting my leggings and panties

    3 mins • this video is part of a panty order bundle – check out the squeezy shop to get your own! I stand in the shower, wiggling around talking about how bad I need to pee, you can see the reaction on my face when I start wetting my leggings. I get completely soaked…

  • punished for peeing

    punished for peeing

    ♡ punished for peeing ♡ 25 mins • in this intense custom video, I’m trying on outfits getting ready to go out with my boyfriend. first I try on a little mini skirt but he says it’s too short so I have to change. I have to pee so bad but I need to find…

  • saving your slut sister

    saving your slut sister

    ♡ saving your slut sister ♡21 mins • my brother took my stuff in his room again. I go looking for it but find his creepy jesus shrine instead. does he really need a crucifix, bible, and mother teresa figurine next to his bed? i’m so tired of him trying to save me and help…