punished for peeing

♡ punished for peeing ♡
25 mins • in this intense custom video, I’m trying on outfits getting ready to go out with my boyfriend. first I try on a little mini skirt but he says it’s too short so I have to change. I have to pee so bad but I need to find something to wear! I put on some gray leggings but they’re a little see thru, are these okay to wear out? please hurry, I really need to pee! it’s too late… I pee in my leggings. you can see the pee squirting through the fabric, running down my legs, and soaking my leggings. my boyfriend is so annoyed, now I don’t have anything to wear tonight. he pushes me down on the bed, strips me naked, and plays with my ass. he ties my wrists with rope and teases me some more before he shoves his bulge in my face. his cock is so hard, I get excited and pull it out with my hands still tied. I stroke his cock and look up at him, he puts his fingers in my mouth and then his cock! I get an intense, rough face fucking. when I can’t take anymore, he bends me over and fucks me so hard! in several different positions with so many great views, you can see my facial expressions while he fucks me harder and harder. I get a huge creampie and show it off in a close up scene with cum dripping out of me.

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