sneaker fetish joi 7

♡ sneaker fetish joi 7 ♡
18 mins • my 7th sneaker fetish video! this one’s for the dirty sneaker lovers. wearing my dirty worn out white converse platform sneakers, I pose and show off while telling you how much you love my dirty sneakers. I tell you to get your cock out and stroke it to me, watch my sneakers while I tell you how good they would feel against your skin. I take them off and show off all the dirt, scuffs, worn down rubber, and damage they’ve earned, being worn by me every day. I tell you how much I love getting them dirty and all the ways I make a mess in them. I taunt you by pretending to lick and kiss them, you’d like that wouldn’t you? with extreme close ups of the stains and wear, I continue to give you jerk off instructions, edging you as I use a dildo to demonstrate how you’d fuck my sneakers. you should be down on your knees worshipping my dirty shoes, I’d press them against your face while denying you any release. hold your cum in until I tell you when to unload. you cum all over my face and watch it drip down onto my shoes, adding to the filth.