bratty sneaker fetish joi

♡ bratty sneaker fetish joi ♡
24 mins • my 8th sneaker fetish video! in this detailed custom, I start off my teasing you with my old dirty white converse platform sneakers, showing you close ups of all the dirt and scuffs. I know how much you like them but I don’t really care about them anymore. they’re so worn out from how much I’ve worn them, I’m thinking about just throwing them away. but don’t worry because I have a surprise for you! I just got some brand new custom converse to replace the old ones. I unbox the new ones and show you all the details close up, I even give them some kisses because I know how it makes you squirm. I put them on, carefully lacing them up to fit perfectly on my feet, showing off how cute they look on me. the new sneakers on my feet make you melt, but I know what will really drive you wild. I slip off one of the new sneakers and pull out a dildo, demonstrating how you could fuck my new sneakers, how good it would feel against your skin. but I wouldn’t let you do that to my brand new shoes. I’m feeling generous though, so I toss you my old worn out shoes and tell you to have fun with those, but you better work up the biggest load of your life to cum all over those old sneakers, since it’s the last time you’ll ever see them. giving you sneaker joi goodness, I let you watch me play with my new ones. I rub the fresh shoes against my pussy, humping and grinding on them. I take off my panties and pull down my fishnets to press the sneakers against my skin. I use my vibrator to make the sneaker vibrate on my clit and then we cum together; you cum on the old shoes while I cum on the new ones. I show off how wet I got my shoes and then examine the load you left on my old ones. unimpressed, I reveal that I was going to let you keep them, but you left such a pathetic load on them, I bag up the cum lube covered shoes and toss them in the trash // loaded with dirty talk and sneaker fetish joi + my first time masturbating with the shoes