squeaky ducky

♡ squeaky ducky ♡
16 mins • my first squeaky toy fetish video! I love my squeaky rubber ducky and I wanna show you why. watch me hump, bounce, and grind on it while it squeaks. riding on my ducky with my titties out turns me on so much, I can’t help but moan and giggle while I bounce. my pussy gets so wet from the ducky, I pull my bodysuit to the side and get the ducky all wet! I lay back and unsnap my bodysuit, rubbing the ducky against my clit. I lick and kiss the ducky and use it’s bill to stimulate myself. removing my bodysuit completely, I hump and ride on the ducky until I cum. ends with a close up so you can see how wet the ducky got! with cute wholesome dirty talk throughout.