daphne takes your manhood

11 mins •

my first ever penectomy custom! brutal femdom – scooby doo daphne and fred roleplay – knife play !

in this intense custom video, you wake up tied to a chair with Daphne in front of you, looking into your eyes. she condescendingly explains how you and Shaggy have been on the hunt for an evil villain who’s been going around destroying men (by cutting off their cocks). you got a little too close to the truth so I had no choice to make you my next victim. while Velma is taking care of Shaggy, I’ll be here with you. I mock you about how you’ve always wanted me and you’ve never been a very good detective. the girls did all the real work while you stared at our asses. when I’ve heard enough out of you, I use my panties to gag your mouth and reveal that I need you to be as hard as possible before the real fun begins. so I bend over and tease you, showing off my curves, lifting my dress to show off my panties, with mean dirty talk that I know gets you off. once you’re nice and erect, I grab you by the cock and balls, get my knife out, and start to cut away at your manhood. I admire my newest trophy and give your detached cock a sweet kiss as the video ends.

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